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Police in Ontario Conduct Distracted Driving Sting Operation

Officers in Whitby, Ontario, set up a sting operation in order to crack down on the number of distracted drivers. From Tuesday to Friday, 84 citations were issued for various violations. This operation took place from July 17 to 20 with 48 violations for driving with a cell phone or other hand-held device. Read the [...]

Wide Range of Activities Can Distract Drivers

Anne Arundel County police in Maryland have acknowledged that distracting driving is a problem that is growing, and they strive to crack down on it with “Operation Eagle.” They say that it is not just texting or eating anymore. Residents recently recounted stories of drivers reading books, watching videos or playing with the GPS. Read [...]

Distracted Driving Law’s Effectiveness Questioned

A distracted driving law in Canada is limited in effectiveness, analysis shows. As more tickets get handed out, people begin to question whether or not the law is doing anything at all to curb the number of drivers who choose to multi-task while on the road. A brief drop shortly after the law went into [...]

Canadian Police Using Costumes to Catch Distracted Drivers

In Moncton, Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are dressing in costume to catch motorists who text and drive. One police officer has used a variety of identities, including a construction worker, homeless man and bicyclist, to catch motorists on their phones. The Codiac RCMP started the undercover campaign to issue tickets this May [...]

New Jersey Looking to Add Tougher Distracted Driving Sentence

New bills in New Jersey are designed to increase the punishment in cases of distracted driving. Typically, distracted driving offenses may only carry a punishment of 18 months duration, whereas after the bill completes the rounds and gets signed by the governor, the penalty will increase to ten years. Read the full article here: Action [...]

New Jersey Counties Raising Texting While Driving Fines

There have been many car accidents caused by distracted driving, such as texting. Some counties in New Jersey are raising the fines for distracted driving tickets. If someone is a repeat offender then they will have to pay a higher fine. Other counties are taking another approach. People who are pulled over for distracted driving [...]

Teenager Killed in Motorcycle Crash

A 17-year-old boy was killed Thursday afternoon in Kennewick after wrecking a motorcycle, according to KVEWTV. Kennewick Police Department officers were called to 45th Avenue and Olympia Street at 4:06 p.m. for a report of a motorcycle crash. The 17-year-old was riding westbound on 45th Avenue. A statement from the police department cited witnesses who [...]

Back to School Bus Safety

With the new school year upon us in only a few weeks, it’s important to get a refresher on the traffic laws involving school buses.  As a driver on the road, it’s your responsibility to follow the rules of the road so you don’t put a young child’s life in danger.  The traffic laws involving [...]