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Young Couple Recovering from Motor Scooter Wreck

A young couple from Auburn were scheduled to get married this week, but a devastating wreck put those plans on hold, according to KOMO News. About three weeks ago, they were on their way home from pre-marital counseling when they crashed on their motor scooter. Police said a sedan driver pulled in front of them [...]

Starcraft Buses Recalled for Wheelchair Lifts

Starcraft is issuing a recall on certain models of its 2006-2010 buses due to an issue with the wheelchair lift. Over time, latches on the outer barrier of the lift can fail, and if that occurs, someone could fall out of their wheelchair while the lift is in the air, causing injury or even death. [...]

Tips for Buying Auto Insurance From a Personal Injury Lawyer

How to choose the right car insurance by a Seattle personal injury lawyer. Protect yourself and protect your rights.

Insurance Questions: Gas Pipeline Explosion in San Bruno

A gas pipeline explosion leaves a neighborhood is disarray. Numerous injuries and a few tragic deaths have been cited so far. More info is being compiled.

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Eggs

Seven confirmed cases of salmonella have prompted a recall of eggs in 8 different states.  The company responsible for the eggs, Wright County Egg of Galt in Iowa, claims that their eggs were distributed to wholesalers and food service centers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado and California.  The Minnesota Department of Health [...]

Record Cases of Child Hyperthermia


Summer is in full swing at this point, and certain areas around the country are seeing temps in the triple digits.  With these soaring temperatures comes the risk of children and pets being left in their cars.  Even 70 degree temperatures can pose a serious health risk.  Believe it or not, but a child’s body [...]