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State Trooper Hits and Kills Pedestrian

A Washington State Patrol trooper struck and killed a pedestrian while on duty on Interstate 5 in North Vernon, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Police said the man was apparently trying to cross the interstate near East College Way at about 9:45 p.m. Police are still conducting an investigation to determine what exactly happened and [...]

Pedestrians Killed in Crash with Allegedly Distracted Driver

A driver in Adams County, Colo., has been charged with three counts of reckless driving. On March 31, a 34-year-old man veered off the road. He allegedly hit three pedestrians, killing two of them instantly and injuring the third. The driver reportedly lost control of his vehicle because he was distracted by his cell phone. [...]

Back to School Bus Safety

With the new school year upon us in only a few weeks, it’s important to get a refresher on the traffic laws involving school buses.  As a driver on the road, it’s your responsibility to follow the rules of the road so you don’t put a young child’s life in danger.  The traffic laws involving [...]