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Students Able to Experience Hazards of Texting While Driving

Arbella Insurance sponsored a program that would simulate hazards of texting and driving. Students were given the opportunity to test out the simulator in the local public safety office. The program is targeted for new drivers who have had their license for less than three years. Participants will received a $15 Exxon gas card and [...]

New Laws Toughen Penalties for Extreme Speeders

Four new laws have been passed in Illinois to promote public safety and discourage distracted and reckless driving. This law prohibits the courts from granting supervision to anyone charged with going 30 mph over the speed limit, or 25 mph over in urban areas. The law is named after a victim who died while she [...]

Teens Learn About Dangers of Distracted Driving

Cape Girardeau provided teenagers with a valuable lesson when they brought a distracted and under-the-influence driving simulation to a Teen Spirit Leadership Training program. The teens were told to operate a vehicle while texting and to experience disorientation associated with driving under the influence by using special goggles. Many did not realize how difficult the [...]

Distracted Driving Was a Problem in 1930 Too

In 1930, a motor vehicle registrar wanted to ban radios that were being installed with cars. He argued that radios were dangerous because they caused distraction to drivers. Motorists would need to adjust the radio by taking their hands off the wheel to adjust the volume or find a new station. The radio might make [...]

Distracted Driving Law’s Effectiveness Questioned

A distracted driving law in Canada is limited in effectiveness, analysis shows. As more tickets get handed out, people begin to question whether or not the law is doing anything at all to curb the number of drivers who choose to multi-task while on the road. A brief drop shortly after the law went into [...]

Pedestrians Killed in Crash with Allegedly Distracted Driver

A driver in Adams County, Colo., has been charged with three counts of reckless driving. On March 31, a 34-year-old man veered off the road. He allegedly hit three pedestrians, killing two of them instantly and injuring the third. The driver reportedly lost control of his vehicle because he was distracted by his cell phone. [...]

California to Allow Hands-Free Texting

As of Jan. 1, it will be legal for California drivers to text and drive, but only if the texting method is either hands-free or dictated via voice recognition software. There are several ways in which this can be done, including Apple’s Siri, and Android 4.1’s ability to let you dictate offline. However, these are [...]

New Program Allows Companies to Monitor Drivers

A new tool in the fight against distracted driving has been unveiled to the public. The Rosco’s Dual-Vision is a device that allows managers of fleets of vehicles, or even watchful parents the ability to monitor their drivers’ driving habits. Not only can they monitor the speed and course of the vehicle remotely, the device [...]

English School Teaching Students About Distracted Driving at Young Age

In Cornwall, England, year 8 students are being taught early about the dangers that a passenger can present to a driver in a vehicle. By using theater, Cornwall is hoping to reduce the number of deaths to young passengers. They are hoping that by starting early, they will enforce these reminders into the young children. [...]

Man Shares His Distracted Driving Story

Recently, Robert Snyder of Port Orange, Fla., had a close encounter with a distracted driver. Snyder was positioned first at a stop light when an emergency vehicle was returning to Halifax Hospital located across the street. The ambulance had full lights and sirens as it proceeded through the intersection, when one car seemingly ignored the [...]

Indiana Driving School Tackling Distracted Driving

Students at the Indiana All Star Driving School in Lafayette, Ind., attend class for two weeks before they start driving. One class highlights the dangers of distracted driving, specifically using cell phones. West Lafayette police say that more accidents involve distracted driving in 2012. In Indiana, police can issue a $500 fine to drivers who [...]

Mobile Phone App Blocks Outgoing Phone Calls from Cars

People who text while driving need to understand how dangerous it truly is. Measures are being taken to help stop these patterns by a mobile app called RIM for smartphones. The idea is to block or lock down a phone for someone who is driving not being able to text while the vehicle is in [...]

Two Years After Cell Phone Ban, Drivers Still Texting in Washington

Washington state enacted a law two years ago to ban texting or making calls on cell phones without the aid of a hands free system. The police department is still issuing a large amount of tickets for the infractions, but have seen an inverse in the type of ticket issues. Phone call tickets have gone [...]

Taxi Driver Fined for Texting Following Confrontation with Customer

A man and his friend requested a taxi driver to stop texting while he was driving them in his taxi. The driver kicked the two men out of his cab. The taxi driver has been charged after the two passengers reported him to the bylaw department. The owner of Blueline Taxi stated that it was [...]

Pennsylvania Drivers Encouraged to Complete Safety Survey

Pennsylvania’s transportation department is requesting its drivers to provide feedback. Road users can participate in online surveys to share their viewpoint on how well the PennDOT is enforcing and encouraging road safety. The survey asked a variety of questions ranging from seat belt use to speeding. Over 3,500 people have responded so far. Read the [...]

Volvo Introduces Technology to Reduce Distracted Driving Crashes

Volvo is moving forward with its plan to prevent all Volvo-related accidents from occurring by the year 2020 with the introduction of new technologies and safety features designed to function complementary to modern drivers. Future Volvos will focus on keeping the vehicle in its current lane, preventing accidents and crossroads with an automatic braking system [...]

Motorists Resistant to Changing Bad Driving Behaviors

Despite the dangers that accompany distracted driving, few are taking steps to change bad behaviors. Mobile devices, arguments, grooming and eating are just a few of the behaviors endangering motorist everyday. In 2008, there were over half a million motor vehicle injuries related to distracted driving. Almost 6,000 of these distracted injuries resulted in fatality. [...]

Teenager Wins Scholarship for Texting Presentation

Pennsylvania teen Lauren Snyder won a $2,500 scholarship for her Power Point presentation on teen texting while driving. After the death of friend, Amanda Mitchell, in 2010, she became motivated to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving. She entered the Words Be Heard contest and was one of the eight winners. Snyder hopes [...]

India University Develops Cell Phone Jamming Device

A new RFID jamming device from Anna University in India uses jamming technology to ensure that a car’s driver does not use a cell phone. Although the technology is designed only to jam the driver’s cell phone should the car be in transit somewhere, there is some question in countries like the United States as [...]

Texting and Driving Test Aimed at Changing Behaviors

Think texting and driving is no big deal? Try taking the “texting and driving road test,” and you’ll be thinking twice. Similar to the “drinking and driving simulated road test,” the texting and driving test is meant to create awareness to those behind the wheel who think that texting and driving is perfectly safe. Read [...]