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Couple Settles After Losing Legs to Distracted Driver

A couple received a $500,000 settlement after being struck by a driver who was texting on his cell phone. The married couple were on a motorcycle when they were hit by a teenage boy texing on his cell. They were severely injured by the motorist. AT&T is currently involved in a campaign to make teens [...]

Repeat DUI Offenders Face Tougher Law in Washington

A law that went into effect in Washington this month allows police officers to require repeat drunken driving offenders to submit to a blood test even if they do not consent, according to KNDO. The law applies to people with four DUI convictions or a serious driving offense, such as vehicular assault or homicide, on [...]

Woman Falls 200 Feet and Dies While Parasailing

Some officials in Florida are calling for tougher regulations after another parasailing fatality Wednesday, according to NBC News. A 28-year-old Connecticut woman on vacation in Pompano Beach died Wednesday when her harness broke during parasailing. She fell 200 feet to the water. She was pronounced dead later at the hospital. Officials say the parasailing industry [...]

Record Number of Kids Died in Heatstroke Last Week

Eight kids last week died when they were left in vehicles in the summer heat, a record number of fatalities, according to USA Today. Safety officials say that it only takes a minute for a young child to die in a hot car. The temperatures do not even have to be excessive. One child in [...]

Texting Driver Sting Results in 17 Tickets

Fargo, N.D., police officers conducted their first sting operation on people that text while driving. Officers were able to catch 17 people in the act, and each received a $100 fine. North Dakota enacted the ban on texting while driving just over a year ago. Overall since January 1st, the city has issued 93 citations. [...]

Police See One in 25 Violating Texting Law

Following a visual survey, the police in Montana estimate that one out of every 25 people is breaking the new no texting and driving policies. This is a troubling statistic for authorities trying to cut down on the offense in an attempt to make the streets safer for everyone to drive on them. Read the [...]

Wisconsin Man Reportedly Texting During Crash

A Madison, Wisc., man crashed into a tree while texting. Police are also investigating a syringe that was found near the crashed vehicle and whether drug use contributed to the crash. Ring-Noonan was cited for texting while driving and speeding before hitting the tree with his vehicle. Read the full article here: Police: Man texting [...]

Three Teens Killed in Distracted Driving Accident

Three teenagers died and a fourth was injured in a car accident in Wisconsin. The four boys were allegedly trying to write their phone number down on paper and show it to the girl in the right hand lane. The sport utility vehicle they were driving crashed into a semi-trailer truck. The father of one [...]

City Becomes First in Texas Panhandle to Ban Texting While Driving

Canyon, Tex., became the first city in the Panhandle to ban texting while driving. Violators will receive a warning for the first 30 days and, after that, can receive up to a $200 dollar fine. The city hopes to prevent accidents. Instead of waiting for a mistake to happen, they hope to be proactive and [...]

Texting Woman Pleads Guilty in Man’s Death

A 22-year-old woman from Springfield, Ohio, was sentenced to 45 days in jail, three years probation and 200 hours of community service for vehicular manslaughter in the death of 55-year-old Dave Muslovski two years ago. Yeager pleaded no contest to the charges after admitting that she was texting while driving at the time of the [...]

Most Drivers Admit Distractions Dangerous While Driving

As a texting driver is 23 times likelier to have a crash, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and other groups are jointly launching a month-long campaign against distracted driving. Drivers who drive and converse on a phone are four to five times more likely to be involved in a collision. Reduce distractions by turning off [...]

High School Students Honored for Distracted Driving Video

Two high school seniors won second place in the national FBLA competition in San Antonio, Tex. Their project was a video featuring a teenager at a child’s grave site, who is then taken to jail for killing the child while texting and driving. They are now speaking to students at a driving school about the [...]

Woman Standing Up Against Texting and Driving

A Goose Creek, S.C., woman took a personal stand against texting and driving after an accident involving texting while behind the wheel affected her family personally. While not illegal in her area yet, she hopes to change the laws and make the roadways safer for everyone by ending texting and driving once and for all. [...]

Cell Phones Distract in Several Important Ways, Research Shows

The NHTSA categorizes driving distractions into three distinct groups: visual, manual and cognitive. The agency explains that the reason for texting and driving’s dangerous reputation is that the act of using a cellular phone to send text messages behind the wheel causes all three distraction types to occur. Incidents involving death and text messaging on [...]

Police Encourage You to Report Dangerous Distracted Drivers

Drivers who text or use their phones are more likely to be in a car accident, according to several studies. Drivers should know the signs of distracted driving, such as driving much faster than traffic, driving much slower than traffic, changing speed erratically, stopping at signals for too long, weaving through traffic and not staying [...]

Alabama’s New Texting Ban Now Enforceable

We all know that texting and driving is a dangerous and deadly combination. When people drive while distracted, everyone’s life is at risk on the road. The state of Alabama recognizes this. Starting today, a new law goes into effect that bans texting while driving. Considering that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites distracted [...]

Speeding Driver Blamed for Huge Wreck

A man texting while driving more than 60 miles per hour and texting on city streets caused a five-car accident that resulted in the death of a man riding a motorcycle. He was arrested on charges of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. There will be a more serious charge filed due [...]

Distracted Driving Causing Hazards on Illinois Roadways

Illinois roadways are becoming increasingly hazardous as drivers continue to use their cellular phones, music players and other electronic devices when they should be paying attention to the roadways. More drivers hit the road this winter during the abnormally tepid conditions, leading to more drivers and more distraction. Fatalities rose 10 percent over last year. [...]

Police Want You to Report Texting Drivers

Police advise that motorists avoid driver’s texting just as they would a drunk driver. A driver texting is just as dangerous. When searching for texting drivers, police look for the same telltale signs as a drunk driver — driving too slow or too fast, weaving and remaining stopped at a traffic light when it turns [...]

Driving Competition Educates Drivers About Dangerous Distraction

Palm Beach had a driving competition sponsored by Allstate in which a father and daughter team competed against other teams to see who could drive the best distracted. The competition was for fun and also to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Eleven teams competed in the competition. There were cones and inflatable [...]