ASR Most Likely In the Top Ten US Product Recalls

The recent recall of the ASR Hip Replacement System, a metal-on-metal prosthetic hip joint manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., (the orthopedic branch of Johnson & Johnson), has the potential to affect more than 93,000 people around the world.

Counting the sheer number of people with the system and the major cost of revision surgery the ASR system could find their way on to the “top ten” list of product recalls. Here is an extensive list of the top 10 significant product recalls:

Infantino Baby Slings
On March 24, 2010 more than one million Infantino SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo baby slings were recalled. They exposed a suffocation risk to babies aged four months and younger and about 14 deaths have been associated with the products.

Toyota Defective Gas Pedals.
In January 2010, Toyota recalled 4.1 million vehicles in the United States and Europe after a faulty gas pedal caused instances of unexpected and uncontrollable acceleration. This recall was just one in a long list of recalls for Toyota in the past 18 months.

Simplicity Drop-Side Cribs
More than 400,000 cribs were recalled in July 2009 after an 8-month-old Houston child tragically suffocated between the crib and the mattress. To top it off this was the company’s third recall for issues with these cribs. Since 2007 more than 2 million potentially lethal cribs were sold by this company.

Melamine Baby Food Contamination (China)
In 2008 more than 700 tons of baby formula (you read that right) was recalled in China when melamine was found in the products. This was after a March 2007 pet food recall involving 60 million melamine-contaminated cans, which caused the death of 14 pets in the US.

The Ford Pinto
More than 1.5 million of the infamous Ford Pintos were recalled in 1978 because of the retro-fit the fuel-tank assembly. The company found out the tank could explode when punctured in a crash. Ford allowed the car to go to market, calculating it was cheaper to simply settle any lawsuits. They were wrong.

Bridgestone / Firestone tires
In 2000 about some 6.5 million tires were taken off the market after an unheard of 175 deaths and 700 injuries. The tread on the tires peeled off, resulting in blow-outs, and roll-overs in certain car and SUV models.

2008 Bad Beef
In February 2008, the Department of Agriculture issued the largest meat recall in history. Over 143 million pounds, 37 million pounds of which had already gone into the National School Lunch Program, were recalled. Due to the improper butchering of “downer” cattle, those too sick or weak to walk to slaughter, caused the meat to spoil.

Contaminated Peanut Butter
A salmonella outbreak in 2008 caused an investigation of Peanut Corp. of America. The company, which went out of business shortly after the recall, was found to be using production facilities infested with mold, rodents, and roaches. Yum!

Poisoned Tylenol
In 1982, after the death of seven people in Chicago, hundreds of thousands of bottles of Extra-Strength Tylenol was removed from store shelves. The cases were never solved, but resulted in the mandated use of tamper-proof seals and caps.

In September 2004, Merck recalled the arthritis drug Vioxx when it was discovered to elevate the risk of heart attacks and stroke. More than 27,000 product liability lawsuits were brought against the company resulting in settlements of more than 4.85 billion dollars in all.

So far 1 in 8 patients with the ASR system installed need major revision surgery.  The normal life of a hip replacement system can be as long as 25 years but the ASR system is failing at the average of 5 years. If you or a loved one is effected by the hip replacement recall please contact a hip recall lawyer right away.

-Kirk Bernard

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